Second Tasting Evening

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Wednesday, 7th December, was a particularly hot and humid day; exactly the kind of day that an ice cold beer makes a whole lot better. So luckily, we had our second tasting of the Siebel Institute sensory training kit.

It was a stunning evening, with Dam Wolf Yellow Eyes and African Moon Amber Ale on offer, and a beautiful deck overlooking the Valley of a Thousand Hills. Much talk about brewing and beer ensued, and it was so relaxing and fun that we struggled to get ourselves indoors to begin the tasting for the night.

The flavours we were doing were: hefeweizen, acetic, lactic, isoamyl acetate, and indole. However before starting with them, we were in for a treat: Paul's Hefeweizen. Sadly work had kept Paul from coming, but his father Jan was able to make it. Once those were drunk, we got down to the business of tasting. We mixed less beer with the vials than before, but several of the flavours were still hard to pick out. Others were detectable, but not what we were expecting from the descriptions; it was agreed that Indole smelt like moth balls, despite the tasting sheet marking faecal as the main smell.

After tasting was over a lovely meal was served, and more beers and conversation were enjoyed around the table until late into the night. All in all a lovely evening.

I'd like to thank all those who were able to attend, you made it a lovely evening. And if you didn't know about it, please sign up on this site or join the facebook group, as all notifications will be sent from here and facebook.

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