East Coast Brewers Inaugural Meeting

On the 19th of October, the inaugural meeting of East Coast Brewers was held at the 1000 Hills Chef School. The turn out was great despite the weather (with lightning flashing all around the school as we arrived). The vibe was friendly, and it was great to finally meet many home brewers from around the area. Once everyone had a beer in hand, we got down to business and voted the committee members in. The position are:

  • Chairman: John Little
  • Vice Chairman: Philip Gilchrist
  • Treasurer: Brett Hodgson
  • Secretary: Megan Gemmell
  • Marketing: Dion van Huyssteen

Membership fees were discussed, as well the website, marketing and several upcoming events. It was decided that members would pool our orders of malt (pale malt, but also possibly some speciality malts) to help bring down costs since the saving can be substantial. Of interest are the following upcoming events:

John has ordered the Siebel Institute Sensory Training Kit, "which contains 24 vials of pre-measured “standards” representing some of the most important flavors and aromatics found in beer." When the kit arrives, John will be holding a tasting evening at the chefs school. An opportunity not to be missed, though places are limited.

Also at the chefs school, on the 1st of December there will be a beer gourmet evening where various beers (provided by local home brewers as well as the chef school's brewery) will be paired with gourmet dishes.

Finally the next East Coast Brewers meeting will be held on the 7th of December. Mark it down in your diaries!


If you are interested in joining East Coast Brewers, please use the contact us form

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