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Great for a hot summers afternoon

Our next members recipe comes from Paul ten Hoorn Boer, and is his winning Hefeweizen recipe that took first place at the beer and burgers festival last year.

This is for a 38l batch in the FV. The process we follow is a multi rest infusion mash and decoction. If you are new to decoction I advise you to read about decoction mashing.



3.5 kg pale malt
4 kg pale malted wheat


60g Saaz 3.2% AA 60 min


Mash (multi rest/decoction) – infusion mashing

Calculate strike temp for 16L to hit 44°C – Ferulic Acid Rest 30 min (to help produce the clove flavour)

Add 5.5L @ 100°C to raise T to 55°C – Protein Rest 20 min

Decoct 10 litres of grit and hold @ 68-72°C for 20min or until an iodine test shows conversion.

Boil decoction for 30 min.

Slowly return decoction to mash tun and rest @ 62°C for 40 min.

Sparge as usual to extract a total volume of 46 L into the kettle.

Boil for 90 min. Pre boil vol – 46 L. post boil vol 41L.


Yeast: Wyeast 3638 Bavarian Wheat – The yeast produces great esters (banana, clove and bubblegum).

Ferment @ 17.5°C (this T produces more clove esters. Around 18/19°C produces more banana esters)

Vital Statistics:

OG: 1.047
FG: 1.012
IBU: 12.4

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