Beer Judge Certification Program

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The purpose of the Beer Judge Certification Program is to promote beer literacy and the appreciation of real beer, and to recognize beer tasting and evaluation skills. We certify and rank beer judges through an examination and monitoring process. -

At East Coast Brewers, in addition to encouraging the drinking and making of craft beer, we want to encourage learning to judge beers. Judging a beer encourages the drinker to pay attention to the aroma, flavour, look and feel of a beer. This in turn helps a brewer train their palate to discern individual flavours and problems, allowing greater knowledge when creating recipes or narrowing down problems in the brewing process.

In addition to this, getting BJCP certified judges will help East Coast Brewers hold bigger and better competitions, providing even more benefits to our local home brewing community.


The BJCP provide a large wealth of knowledge and an organised approach to advancing your knowledge. The examination center provides all the information you need to start, but we'll put a summary here with links to required reading.

You can take the entrance exam at any time; no advance registration is required. The cost is US$10. It consists of 200 questions, and must be answered in one hour. The exam can be taken once a day until it is passed. See the reference document for full details.

You should read the Entrance Exam Details document, the BJCP Beer Exam Study Guide, the BJCP Judge Procedures Manual, and the BJCP Style Guidelines first before writing the exam. Just because it is multiple choice, doesn't make it easy.


The online exam can be taken at

Passing the online exam makes you a provisional judge. This is not a permanent position, and you are not yet a certified judge. You have one year in which to then take and pass the Tasting Exam. East Coast Brewers will organise a tasting exam whenever we have enough provisional judges to make it worth the effort.

The tasting exam consists of 6 beers which have to be judged over a 90 minute period. Your score achieved in this exam will determine your starting rank. If your score is below 60%, then you will be an Apprentice Judge, otherwise you will become a Recognized Judge. Apprentice Judge is a temporary title that lasts 2 years, during which time the judge must do the taste exam again and get a score higher than 60%.

To get information on progressing up the BJCP judge ranks please read the information from the BJCP site.


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